Pay & Benefits

Certification Pay
Licensed peace officers receive certification pay as follows:
  • Intermediate - $50 per month
  • Advanced - $100 per month
  • Master - $150 per month
Cafeteria Benefits
Cafeteria benefits are available for new hires and to current employees during an annual enrollment in September. These benefits are optional to the employee.

Credit Union
Optional membership in the Educational Employees Credit Union is available. EECU offers a full range of banking services and payroll deduction is available.

Funeral Leave
Three - 8-hour days per funeral for immediate family members. Immediate family members are defined in the City of Weatherford's Personnel Policy.

Ten - 8-hour holidays per year. Patrol shifts and dispatchers accrue holidays as vacation time. All other personnel take holidays off as they arise. Additionally, the City adds to the employee's vacation time one 8-hour holiday per year for the employee's birthday (added on the 15th of the employee's birth month) and one 8-hour floating holiday (added on December 1st).

Major Medical - the City has several major medical insurance plans that employees may choose from. Each plan includes hospitalization, prescriptions, accidents, dental and vision.

Longevity Pay
$4 per month of service beginning with the 13th month for a maximum of $1,200 per year, which is paid in December of each year.

Patrol Schedule
12 hour days with every other weekend off.

  • 7% of employee's gross pay is contributed to the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS). The City matches the employee's contribution 2 to 1 at retirement.
  • The City of Weatherford offers 5 year vesting.
  • Retirement at 20 years of service regardless of age. TMRS membership includes a death benefit, which equals the annual salary of the member in the 12 months prior to his/her death. Benefits are paid to the designated beneficiary.
The starting salary for certified officers is $47,238 - $48,880 (depending on qualifications) with a 2.5% increase at 6 months and at one year completion of initiation period.
Certification Entry Salary
Non-Certified (Police Academy Attendance)
Certified without Bachelor Degree
Certified with Bachelor Degree*
*Degree must be from an accredited university

Sick Leave
Sick leave is accrued at the rate of one 8-hour day per month. Sick leave will be accumulated but will not be granted to full-time regular employees during the initiation period. Sick leave may be accumulated to a maximum of 720 hours. After reaching the maximum, employees shall receive, annually, a cash payment for a maximum of 48 hours of unused sick leave.

Tuition Reimbursement
The City of Weatherford provides the opportunity for personal improvement and professional enhancement of employment tasks by providing some reimbursement of tuition and fees for educational courses taken during the employee's personal time. Regular full-time employees are eligible after successful completion of the initiation period. Courses taken should relate to the employee's present position or to a position of possible promotion within the City of Weatherford organization and be required as a course in a structured degree plan.

Additionally, employees must agree to remain with the City for two years after completing the course or courses. If this agreement is not satisfied, the employee must repay the City for any and all educational reimbursements received in the 24 months prior to the date of termination/resignation. Other conditions apply.

The department furnishes uniforms and leather gear. Officers receive a $35 cleaning allowance per month.

Vacation is accrued at the rate of 8 hours per month for the first through ninth years of employment (96 hours per year). Vacation will be accumulated, but will not be granted to full-time employees for six months. For the tenth through nineteenth years, it is accrued at a rate of 11.34 hours per month (136.08 hours per year). For the twentieth and additional years, it is accrued at a rate of 14.67 hours per month (176.04 hours per year).

All Weatherford police officers carry, as their primary duty weapon, a Glock model 22, .40 caliber safe action pistol. The officer must provide his/her own duty weapon as required by the department.