Become a Lifeguard for the 2019 summer season!

Obtain your American Red Cross Lifeguarding certifications through the City this summer! 

Participants receive quality training with our experienced staff while group activities and hands-on water rescue training enhance the learning experience.
Lifeguard Class
Step 1

Apply for the Cherry Park Lifeguard position!
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Step 2​

Register for the Lifeguard Class!
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This year, the lifeguard class offered by the City of Weatherford is at no cost to the future City of Weatherford employee; if the participant does not pass the
 Pre-course April 25th 2018 (more info below), they will not be guaranteed a lifeguard position. 

If the participant does pass the lifeguard course, they will be guaranteed a position at the Cherry Park Pool

Deadline to register is Friday, April 20th 2018. (you are able to apply for the position throughout the season, but must obtain Lifeguard Certification other than the City's class)

Course Prerequisites

Before registering for the lifeguarding class, please review and understand the 3 pre-course requirements.

Minimum age to attend the class is 15 (by the last day of the class)

*Note: minimum age to work for the City of Weatherford has now changed to 15!

1) 300 yard continuous swim, using the following strokes in order:

*100 yards front crawl with rhythmic breathing

*100 yards breaststroke

*100 yards either or combination

2) Timed event: Starting in the water, swim 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive to a depth of 7-10 feet, retrieve a 10-pound object, return to the surface, and swim 20 yards back to the starting point with the object and exit the water without using a ladder or steps. Participants have 1 minute and 40 seconds to complete the event.

3) Tread water for 2 minutes using only legs.

Lifeguard Class Schedule
@ Cherry Park Pool
302 W Lee Ave

Tues, April 24th
5:00pm-6:00pm - Open practice

Wed, April 25th
5:00pm Precourse

Thurs/Fri, April 26th/April 27th
5:00pm-9:00pm - CPR/AED, First Aid

Sat, April 28th
10:00am-4:00pm Introduction to water skills

Mon-Fri, May 28th—June 1st
5:00pm-9:00pm - Skills practice and testing

Sat. May 5th
Make-up day - if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the certification last?

A: Upon completion, participants will be certified in lifeguarding, CPR/AED, and First Aid for 2 years. Certified Lifeguards may renew their certifications every 2 years by passing a challenge test and a minimal payment.

Q: What if I cannot attend one class time? Can I make it up?

A: Unfortunately, no. Time commitment and staff resources to the entire class would be jeopardized to accommodate the needs of one.

Q: What if I do not pass the prerequisites? Can I still attend?

A: Unfortunately, no. Inability to pass ARC's prerequisites would prove the student's progress in the class to be difficult and possibly dangerous to the student.

Q: What do I need to bring to class?

A: Students need to bring: swimsuit, towel, dry change of clothes, goggles, writing utensil, food/drink, etc. A sweatshirt is recommended as the classroom is air conditioned and much cooler than the pool deck.

Q: Do we have breaks during the class?

A: Yes. We realize this is an intense training course with long hours, so students will receive small breaks.

Q: Is there a test to pass at the end of class?

A: Yes. There is a written test at the end of the class which consists of 4 sections. Each section must be passed with an 80% or above. A student is allowed only one retake of a failed section(s). Students will also be tested on their practical knowledge of rescue skill through scenarios.

Q: How do I register?

A: Register in person at Parks and Recreation, 119 Palo Pinto, Weatherford, 76086. You can mail in the form along with the payment, or you can fax the form in and pay by credit card over the phone. A spot is saved in the class once we have received both the form and the payment. Classes fill up very fast so register early.

Q: I've passed the class. Am I guaranteed a job with the City of Weatherford?

A: No. All persons wishing to work for the City of Weatherford must be a minimum age of 15 and download an application and submit to Human Resources for processing. Applications may be found online at

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